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Mediocre Managers

Many employees end up on the management track without knowing what that means for them or the business. Let me help you grow and cultivate your new and incoming managers.
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Hebba Y.

Chief People Officer
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Washington DC
What To Expect

Actionable advice on how to better prepare new managers

2 out of 5 managers felt unprepared for management when they stepped into the role. Don’t let your employees feel the same way! Let's ensure that your management training curriculum gets your managers set up for success from their very first day in the role. I've been where you are now and I'm here to help with all of the following:
Review of current curriculum
List of core competencies to train
Tips for how to manage your managers
How to set managers up for success
How it works

Let's Chat!

Text me directly
Reach out with questions and get a response within 24 hours.
Get actionable advice
There's nothing I hate more than HR fluff without any substance. Rest easy knowing that you're getting actual useful information for you and your team.
Choose a session that works for you
Our next cohort launches March 20th. Can't make it? I'll also be running a group in mid-summer!
Who is Hebba?

Learn From Someone Who's Been Where You Are Now

This isn't my first rodeo
I started in HR because I realized that so many managers don't know what they're doing and I wanted to put a stop to the incompetence I saw.
I'm building a community for people like us
HR shouldn't make you hate your life, but sometimes that's the reality of this role. I'm here to make the everyday suck a little bit less.
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Curriculum & direct access
to Hebba for 2 weeks.

Only $299

Learn Your Way
I'm not here to take even more time from your busy life.
Send me a text while you’re out and about.
Actionable Tips & Tricks
No nebulous response here! Everything I share is directly actionable and possible to put into practice on an everyday basis.
Direct Access to the Expert
With small group sizes, you can rest easy knowing that it really is me on the other side of the line and that I've been exactly where you are now.
Best Possible Pricing
It can cost up to $500/hr to get direct coaching from me,
so I'm excited to make this an accessible option for everyone!
Reserve your spot
for only $1

Common questions you might have about HR Therapy.

If you have any further questions, reach out!
What do I get?
You'll get actionable tips and tactics to improve your new managers' performance texted directly to your phone throughout our time together! You'll also have the ability to work one-on-one with me, Hebba Youssef, via unlimited messages with responses guaranteed within 24 hours.
How much time will this take?
The last thing we want is to take up hours of your life, so expect this to take less than 15 minutes a day! You can respond to messages and prompts at whatever time works best for you.
What do I need to get started?
Do you have a phone with a US-based phone number and a desire to help grow your new managers to become their best selves? If so, you're good to go!
Can we be friends?
Of course! I thought you'd never ask 😉

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